Out of Catering Advertising Ideas? Time to Try These 4 Fresh Ideas

Apple Tree Picnic Area is your answer for any family gathering, it is also considered to be a quiet Sydney picnic spots. When it comes to catering advertising, it’s easy to fall into a marketing rut. After all, your business is centered around food and the best way to promote food is to post pictures on social media, right? Sure, that’s true to an extent but there are so many other things to try when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Here are four ways to improve your catering advertising and build upon marketing initiatives you already have in place.

1. B2B (Business to Business)

If you’re in the catering business in the age of social media, you’re likely already on Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms are great for catering advertising, especially when you’re wanting to connect and engage with new clients (especially when you know how to put those hashtags to use!), but what about reaching other businesses?

LinkedIn is a great way for business owners like yourself to connect and engage with potential corporate clients. These clients may be looking for someone to cater their upcoming luncheon, office event, or annual meeting. The holidays are right around the corner, so now would be the perfect time to start making those connections.

2. Cross-Promotion

Who said catering advertising via social media had to be done solo? There are so many opportunities for cross-promotion with those related to your business but aren’t your direct competitors.

For example: who do you get your organic produce from? That company could promote you simply by posting a photo of the dishes you make using their produce, while you post photos of the produce before you transform it into a dish. Where do you get that rich cream to make the alfredo sauce for your pasta From? Do you use a special wine that comes from a local winery when creating a certain dish? Think about who you already know and use that connection to promote both businesses at the same time.

3. Expand 

If your catering advertising has been centered around social events, you’ve probably noticed how much competition you have and how difficult it can be close on new leads. If your catering business hasn’t branched out to different verticals, now might be the time to try.

Why not look into catering association meetings or events or what about corporate business? If there’s an event or conference happening in town, there will surely be a need for a caterer. Or, new venues in town may be on the hunt for a preferred caterer. In finding ways to expand your business, you’ll also unlock new places to advertise your catering business. Look for ways to network (see #1!) and uncover those hidden opportunities.

4. Food Expos

Food expos are the place to be for those of us in the food industry. Not only will you give your catering advertising an opportunity to reach a bigger audience, you’ll get to meet other like-minded caterers and showcase the fantastic dishes your catering company offers. On top of that, you’ll get a chance to stay current on industry trends. As an added bonus, you’ll also get a chance to meet people from wineries, breweries, coffee brands, cheese companies and more, and each of these connections can greatly benefit your catering business down the road.

How to Start a Food Truck

This article is part of our Food Cart Business Startup Guide—a curated list of articles to help you plan, start, and grow your food cart business!

Wondering how to start a food truck business?

Chilternscatering.com.au offers an extensive range of finger food and canapes to suit all your catering needs. We can’t blame you—the food truck craze is sweeping the nation. From thriving cities to small downtown areas, food on wheels is a growing trend. It’s not just drawing a new crowd of eat-on-the-street customers, it’s bringing in big bucks too. The food truck business pulls in an estimated $804 million in revenue every year, according to an industry report from IBIS World.

If this knowledge has your entrepreneurial spirit in high gear and you’re interested in learning how to start a food truck, we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you start selling must-eats from the streets. We asked two food truck owners to offer some insider secrets to get your business up and running, who can tell you what starting a food truck is all about. See Also: 39 Things to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Restaurant

Starting a food truck: Learn from the experts

Leigh Ann Tona rolls through the Delaware streets in her “I Don’t Give a Fork” truck, which as the name implies, specializes in food that does not require utensils. Her menu consists mainly of sandwiches.

Anthony Fellows takes the Southern Florida streets by storm in his “HipPops” truck, which is a micro creamery on wheels that offers homemade gelato bars.

With their help, we’ll explore whether or not starting a food truck business is right for you. We’ll go over the licensing and health inspection requirements, offer tips for success, and a list of resources to get you started.

Is a starting a food truck business right for you?

Before your create a menu and design your truck, consider whether starting a food truck business really is the right fit for you. Ask yourself these four questions:

How well do I know the business?

Before taking the food truck plunge, there’s a lot of research to be done, Anthony says. He spent hours online reading guides and articles about successful businesses. He also toured “food truck cities” to watch traffic flow and speak with owners.

Figure out how many other food trucks specialize in the kind of food you plan on offering. If there are already three sandwich trucks that frequent the business district, is there room for yours too? Try to soak up as much information as you can before making a decision.

Like any other business, you’ll need to create a business plan, find startup funds, and handle all of the administrative tasks that come with owning a business.

How will I find the right vehicle?

Both Anthony and Leigh Ann say that finding the right truck for your business is crucial. You’re not going to head out to your local dealership and buy a brand new 2014 food truck fresh off the showroom floor. Most food trucks are custom made. Leigh Ann’s truck, for example, was an old Entenmann’s delivery truck. It was gutted and fitted to meet her needs.

This process will take time and money, Anthony says. Plus, you want to find the right partner to build your truck because prices and workmanship can vary. Go in with a plan. To give you a few layout options, here are a few links:

  • Food truck schematics with pictures
  • Food truck floor plans
  • Interior food truck video

Can I handle the schedule?

Your workday starts long before you pull into your lunchtime parking spot. You’ll need to buy food and prep it before you start putting everything together for your customers. While the weekday lunch crowd could be your main source of income, there are a lot of weekend events that could bring in some money too. Are you prepared to put in these hours?

Am I prepared to make money a few bucks at a time?

Anthony says his return on investment is based on nickels and dimes. In other words, if you’re selling a five dollar sandwich, your income will come in slowly. You’ll want to sit down and do the math. Figure out food costs, truck maintenance, and marketing expenses and see just how many items you need to sell to make the business profitable.

The technical side of starting a food truck

Creating a menu is the fun part, but there are plenty of not-so-glamorous aspects of the food truck business that you’ll need to tend to, like getting permits and setting up inspections.

Prepare for health inspections

Food trucks come with their own set of health inspection codes. These codes will vary depending on your business and its location, so you’ll want to check with your local department of health to get a complete list of rules.

While the codes can vary, here’s a look at an inspection checklist from Alameda County Department of Health in California to give you an idea of what an inspection consists of:

Equipment check:

  • Are refrigeration units, steam table, and warming oven turned on and working properly?
  • Is there hot and cold water inside the truck and is there adequate water pressure?
  • Is there soap and paper towels available?
  • Is there a working fire extinguisher on board?
  • Is there a first aid kit on board?
  • Does the truck have the correct signage?

Documentation requirements:

  • Approved application documents from local government
  • Food safety training certificate
  • Current DMV registration
  • Valid drivers license
  • Seller’s permit

Other possible requirements:

  • You may also need to provide a business plan, menu, standard operating procedures, sampling plan, example of labels, and proof of current liability insurance.

Scheduled and random inspections:

  • When you’re first starting a food truck business, you’ll have a scheduled inspection to make sure everything is up to code before you start feeding the lunch crowd. After that, most health departments require an annual inspection. In addition, you should expect random inspections from time to time.

Birthday Party Favors – Personalized Shot Glasses

Birthday function rooms Melbourne offer a number of customisable menus to suit you and your guests’ individual tastes, and can easily accommodate special dietary requirements. If you want your birthday party to be an occasion to remember, you should consider using personalized shot glasses as your birthday party favors. Personalized shot glasses are quite a very wonderful idea for a birthday party favor and they can be engraved with the name of the person having the birthday and the dates of the birthday or even just a number that is symbolically the age of the person celebrating the birthday. Guests are always very appreciative of any party favor and personalized shot glasses would certainly be a welcome gift.

A personalized shooter glass is a wonderful keepsake for guests at the birthday event and will serve to remind them of the wonderful occasion where they had fun. While it is never easy to choose the right birthday party favor, many birthday party favors are available in the market and also reasonably priced and also quite suitable for such occasions. Personalized shot glasses are one such item. Buying the glasses in bulk will ensure that there is a reduced cost in the budget.

In keeping with how most birthday party favors are done, the shot glasses can be themed along the same lines with the party including the colors that are used for the party. It would be good to match everything up and personalize the event along one running theme. If you are going to serve alcohol at the party, personalized shot glasses can be used to make it even much more fun. The glasses can then be served so that they are ready to be used at the occasion. You can also include a special message for the event particularly a message of appreciation that is directed to your special guests at the event.

While party favors make special occasions such as birthdays even more exciting, it is important to make choices that will ensure that you get your personalized shooter glasses for the birthday party favors correctly. Your guiding factor should first be the theme of the party and everything must be in fusion with that theme. Another important factor is the character of the party. There must be a semblance of the occasion on the personalized shot glasses. When you are selecting your party favors, you must ensure that your focus remains on the reflection of the party.

The reason why personalized shooter glasses are the perfect idea for birthday party favors is because they are items that can be used both during the event and also after the event. Personalized shot glasses are practical and can be used not only as mementos but also as functional gifts that your guests would love to use even later. Shot glasses are always a big hit at birthday parties but they can also look wonderful on your cabinet after the event. They are an item that your guests will gladly want to take home with them and will be glad to remember the special birthday event with.

It is not difficult to place an order for personalized shot glasses especially if you make your order online. There are many vendors who sell the shooter glasses and will be willing to personalize them for you. The advantage of shopping online is that the glasses are much cheaper compared to other outlets and there is a very wide selection from which you can choose from.

There are some occasions in life that you want to make memories of last forever, birthdays being one of them. Discount Mugs offers a variety of Personalized Birthday Party Favors to make these occasions memorable ones. With a variety of pens, sports bottles, glassware, Tote Bags and more, you can find a favor to fit any theme or party style. Shop DiscountMugs.com to custom design your birthday party favors today.

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Company Function & Event Planning in Today’s Corporate Environment

The decadent space at Masque Bar encapsulates elegance, beauty and sophistication is one of my favorite corporate functions Melbourne. Functions and events are necessary for companies to reach their public-consumers, trade partners, investors, suppliers and employees. In the past, companies usually formed committees to handle and organize their functions and events.

With today’s fast-paced corporate environment, however, companies can no longer afford to give select employees additional workload that would take them away from their primary responsibilities while the need to hold functions and events increases to generate publicity and launch information dissemination campaigns.

The Emergence of Function and Event Planners

Thus, a relatively new profession emerged–the event planners, otherwise known as function planners, event organizers, meeting managers, conference coordinators and special event coordinators.

The main responsibilities of event planners are to plan and organize events. From corporate functions such as trade shows, product launch, sales conference, and annual conventions to competitions, festivals and award nights to grand celebrations like anniversaries and Christmas parties.

Company Event Planning Requires Careful Preparation

Event planning encompasses conceptualization (motif and program flow), budgeting, logistics preparation and implementation. This career requires communication, organization and time management skills as this profession entails substantial coordination and management. Logistics, for one, includes selection and reservation of event sites, acquisition of permits, décor, manpower, entertainment, equipment, facilities, tables and chairs, security, guests, food, transportation, parking and cleanup.

With event planners, corporations are able to hold various events and corporate functions without having to handle the intricate details. Commissioned on a per project basis, companies do not need to retain employees for these specific functions. With the right event planning & event management techniques, these companies can save you time and wasteful funds, prioritising your essential requirements while broadening your opportunities to secure the right venue(s) and suppliers.

The key to a great event is a great function planner!

Denis Wise – Looking to book a corporate function room Browse Sydney’s best function venues

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Pilates Could Help Relieve Your Sports Injury

Learn how to safely regain inner core strength by attending to a KX Pilates Dee Why. When you’ve suffered the setback of a sporting injury, taking up pilates might not seem like the obvious next step. But there’s more to the popular fitness technique than toning up women’s pelvic floor muscles – and an increasing number of physical therapists are incorporating it into their rehabilitation programmes.

The idea is nothing new: German born Joseph Pilates began developing the discipline while interned in Britain during World War I as a form of rehabilitation for injured soldiers. Over recent decades, it has been adapted as a popular form of low-impact exercise, with its emphasis on building core strength to improve posture, flexibility and mental awareness – and is often aligned with that other low-impact stalwart, yoga. But the therapeutic roots of pilates have not been forgotten. Today, the likes of top-class rugby players and Olympic athletes are turning to the method to help manage the recovery process after injury.

We asked two pilates experts to explain how the technique works as a form of rehabilitation and how it measures up against more traditional forms of physical therapy.

Why pilates?

“Pilates considers the body as a whole rather than just the area you may have injured,” says Ruth Smith, Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Head of ilates at Pure Sports Medicine.

“This offers a number of benefits: it helps to regain strength, control and smooth movement in the area affected as well as addressing muscle imbalance, weakness or altered movement patterns, which may have caused or contributed to the injury.”

You could even end up in better condition than before your injury occurred, she adds: “Pilates also increases your overall strength, control and coordination of movement to allow you to return to sport stronger, faster, fitter and more resilient than before your injury.”

Another key benefit of the technique is that it addresses the root cause of many injuries. “Injury can often be caused by poor postural alignment – how you stand, sit at your desk, walk, drive your car, run, play sport etc.,” says Harri Angell, Pilates instructor and author of Pilates For Runners. “Pilates can remedy this by teaching body awareness while providing a calm and healing downtime.”

How does it work?

“Injuries can be caused by a weakness or imbalance,” says Angell. “Pilates exercises redress the balance. For example, a back injury might have occurred due to some weak core muscles (tummy and pelvic-floor muscles) so by focusing on strengthening these muscles, which support the back, the injury will heal and hopefully never reoccur.”

Pilates is also sensitive to the vulnerability of the injured area, points out Smith: “Working with a pilates instructor allows you to maintain and improve mobility, strength and movement patterns in the rest of your body without putting your injured area at risk; it also helps to reduce pain levels which can be barrier to recovery.”

Can pilates help to prevent injuries, too?

Most sports activities involve repetitive movements, which can put strain on the areas involved – particularly if poor posture has been adopted. And this is where pilates comes in.

“Rehab pilates instructors are experts in movement analysis. Whether it is your running or walking gait, your swimming stroke or your golf swing, the pilates approach can identify areas of muscle imbalance which, over time could lead to injury,” says Smith.

“Many of the injuries we see in the clinic are from overloading certain areas of the body with repetitive movements where even the smallest altered movement patterns have the potential to cause pain,” she adds. “Training these smaller, deeper-control muscles increases the effectiveness of the larger-movement muscles, increasing overall strength, sports performance and resilience to injury.”

Before you start…

Rocking up to your local pilates studio and joining a drop-in class is not best advised when you’re dealing with an injury. It’s essential to get the right professional guidance before you start.

“Ensure your injury is fully assessed by a medical professional – this may be a sports doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath or GP to get the correct diagnosis early on,” advises Smith. “The best way to manage an injury is with an integrated team of sport and exercise medicine specialists, exactly as a professional sportsperson would do. This gives you the benefit of – where appropriate – medical treatment, physiotherapy, massage, pilates input, and more, at the right time for you and your injury.”

Angell agrees that team communication is key: “The pilates instructor needs to know the diagnosis and may also need to take advice from the medical professional you’ve consulted. Some exercises might not be suitable while in the first stages of rehab and so will need to be adapted.”

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or would like to strengthen an area of your body to prevent one, pilates is a great exercise technique to have in your arsenal.

Top Surf Beaches in Florianopolis

Florianopolis is an island in south Brazil with 42 different beaches. Most Florianopolis beaches are very beautiful and many of them have great surf. This article gives a brief overview of each surfing beach including its name, overall rating for surf, the direction of the surf break, and the type of surf break, such as beach break, point break, river mouth, etc. Surfing app are like any other realm of apps out there.


Anyone who has visited Florianopolis knows that Praia Mole beach is the best year-round location on the island. Literally translated, “Praia Mole” means “soft beach” and is named so due to its extremely soft and deep sand. Praia Mole beach is centrally & conveniently located on the east coast of the island and is popular for its abundant beautiful people and great surfing. It is also popular because of its convenient location, being the nearest beach to the town of Lagoa da Conceicao, where you will find a majority of the island’s bars, restaurants, grocery stores, gift shops, and year-round nightlife.

The surf on Praia Mole is known as being stronger than most other beaches, which suits the surfers just fine but can be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers during days with large surf. Surf can range anywhere from 0 feet to 20 foot faces during the winter months. For weak swimmers and children, the north end of the beach offers a protected cove where the water is always calm and swimming is safe even on some of the largest days of surf. On the beach at Praia Mole, you’ll find a volley ball net, a juice bar, a VIP lounge area, and 6 different restaurants that double as beach bars. During the summer months (Dec – Feb) these bars will either have a live DJ or loud music because Brazilians love to dance wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself. There always seems to be some action going on at Praia Mole beach.


Joaquina beach (just south of Praia Mole) is one of the best surfing beaches on Florianopolis island and is often the location of the annual WCT surfing championship. The area surrounding Juaquina beach is environmentally protected sand dunes so there is no housing near the beach but it isn’t far from Praia Mole so this isn’t an issue. This beach is not very beautiful since it is surrounded by nothing but sand dunes and lots of tour buses who drop off visitors from the interior by the hundreds. However, the surf is great, especially during large swells. This is one of the few beach breaks that holds a large swell very well. When the surf is big, it peels left off the northern point.


Galheta beach just north of Praia Mole, is also a great surf spot and much less crowded than other surf breaks since there are no access roads to it but it’s just a 10-minute walk on the beach from Praia Mole.


Praia Brava is located on the north end of Florianopolis island and the surf is comparable to Praia Mole. Translated, Praia Brava means “furious beach” most likely due to the frequently big and rough surf. This beach is a good 1-hour drive from Praia Mole and downtown Centro, which means it’s on the outskirts of the island and not a convenient location for vacationers. However, if you’re a surfer looking to hit some different surf spots, this spot will suit you well during a nice swell. This beach is not surrounded by jungle and wildlife preserve like most other Florianopolis beaches. Instead, it is packed with tons of hotels and condo complexes. Unfortunately, this area becomes deserted outside December, January, and February (peak summer months) because it is simply too far away from most of the islands nightlife, shopping malls, and restaurants.


Following are most of the surf beaches on the island of Florianopolis, Brazil. This should help you when planning your Florianopolis surf vacation.

Beach, Star Rating, Direction of Break, Type of Break

– Armacao, 2, right & left, Beach Break

– Barra Da Lagoa, 2, right & left, Beach Break

– Boca da Barra, 3, right & left, rivermouth

– Caldeirao, 3, left, beach break

– Campeche Rights, 4, Right, beach break

– Canasvieiras, 3, right, sand bar

– Galheta, 3, right & left, sand bar

– Ingleses, 2, right & left, beach break

– Joaquina, 4, right & left, sand bar

– Lagoinha do Leste, 4, right & left, beach break

– Lambe Lambe, 4, right, point break

– Matadeiro, 3, right & left, beach break

– Mocambique, 3, right & left, beach break

– Morro das Pedras, 2, right & left, sand bar

– Naufragados, 5, right, beach break

– Ponta Do Rapa, 4, right, beach break

– Praia Brava, 3, right & left, beach break

– Praia do Forte, 3, right, point break

– Praia Mole, 3, right & left, beach break

– Riozinho, 5, right & left, beach break

– Santinho, 3, right & left, beach break

Don Guy lives in Florianopolis 6 months a year and owns a vacation rental on Praia Mole beach in Florianopolis Brazil. He’s also co-founder of HomesForSale.net, which helps homebuyers connect with realtors and find homes for sale. Don knows Florianopolis island well and enjoys helping others plan their Florianopolis vacation.

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Guide To Throwing The Perfect Summer Picnic Party

If you want to entertain that will be born in mind for years to come, then why not coordinate a fun filled picnic party? Barbecue events are the right way to celebrate an unique event such as a wedding ceremony, family reunion, birthday bash or corporate feature. Cater Sydney with a huge choices of catering that includes family buffet type of.

Picnics are interesting for all ages:

Barbecues ensure to amuse both grownups as well as kids. Children will be beyond pleased to enter into picnic video games such as soccer and also catch while grownups will definitely delight in joining additional visitors over a glass of wine.

The majority of people enjoy barbecues as they are informal and also enable visitors to mix and also speak with people that they wouldn’t. Barbecues are a great means for elderly administration to mix with workers and for extensive households to obtain to recognize each other.

Picnics are an excellent option if your guests are picky eaters:

Unlike hosting a party at a restaurant which might offer minimal options, picnics often fulfill everybody’s tastes. Most picnics are also set up as in a buffet style where every person serves themselves as well as could pick and choose from the food offer. Just make sure that there are a few meals for those that are vegetarian or who have allergies to specific foods.

Barbecues are simply as complexed as you wish them to be:

A fundamental barbecue is incredibly simple to arrange. Just select an outside place as well as ask your visitors to deliver a platter of meals to share. If you would favor a no hassle approach probably work with an event catering company to give a selection of meals. The terrific news is the even more guests you invite, the less expensive prices will definitely be every head.

Another benefit to webhosting a picnic party is that you’re not called for to invest a great deal of time or energy enhancing your location. All you need to do for a basic picnic is a couple of barbecue coverings.

Fancy and themed barbecues:

If you favor, you could web hosting a complicated or themed picnic. For a decadent picnic established a marquee tent and also a couple of tables and also chairs. Once again if you would definitely favor a party company can easily manage such particulars for you.

For a themed picnic simply decide on an entertainment theme and decorate your venue appropriately. As an instance if you were to webhosting a carnival or circus themed picnic you might enhance your location with vibrantly colored balloons and set up a couple of fun circus themed online games. Maybe buy a couple of low-cost awards for your guests. If funds is no item you could possibly also organize pony rides or circus performers.

An additional method to add to the ambience of a picnic party is to manage music. Perhaps consider selecting a band or DJ to care for your amusement requires. Working with specialists is a sure fire way to get your guests up as well as dance.

You can’t fail with a barbecue:

No matter what affair you’re celebrating your guests ensure to take pleasure in a picnic party. In reality it’s not abnormal for guests of picnic celebrations to talk about the occasion months or years later.

Halloween Recipes For A Great Healthier Halloween Party

When it nears that date of Halloween it is often the time for great celebrations which includes Halloween recipes and Sydney picnic spots. Now Halloween recipes don’t all have to be made with orange frosting with black trimmings because not everything Halloween related is necessarily orange and black. One of the first things you will need to do is figure out who the guests are going to be. It will be a different Halloween party if it is intended for children than it would for teenagers or adults. And each type of Halloween party will include different entertainment and of course different foods. Let’s put together some different types of parties.

A Child’s Halloween Party

When you have a household of children to entertain not only do you need some fabulous Halloween recipes that are both good to look at and they have to taste good too. You will need to have something to drink like sugar free drinks or perhaps a warmed apple cider drink. If you are going to have the kids bob for apples you will need to get some very crisp apples so after they bob for them you can wash them off and cut them in pieces for the kids to eat along with some pumpkin bread. Halloween recipes should include some cookies preferably those that are low calorie and low fat so they children have healthy treats to eat without a lot of sugar.

The Teen Halloween Party

If you have a house full of teens then you will want to have Halloween recipes they will all eat. This might include sandwiches with something as simple as peanut butter and pumpkin spread or apple butter. The peanut and the fruit flavors make a really good combination. If you choose whole wheat bread you will be serving a healthier sandwich too. Include some sugar free sodas or fresh lemonade or perhaps a fruit juice punch. If you have a Halloween costume judging contest you can pass a plate of Halloween decorated cookies or cookie bars from one of your favorite Halloween recipes. Include small bowls of dried fruits for additional color like cranberries and apricots with some good fat type of nuts like walnuts or pistachios.

The Best Adult Halloween Party

Adults love Halloween parties too so when you invite a group of good friends to a Halloween party you will have to serve some very good Halloween recipes as treats to go with the fun of the costumes. Include some Halloween recipes for cookies and cookie bars then have the icing and other toppings out for the adults to decorate the cookies themselves. Then hold a vote to see who gets the prize for the best decorated cookies.

A Neighborhood Halloween Party

A neighborhood Halloween party is lots of fun because you get to try some different Halloween recipes from what you would usually make. If the weather is good hold it picnic style outdoors and have all the attendees bring their choice of favorite Halloween recipes for a pot luck style Halloween party.

Stuck On Page Fifteen? How To Get Your Site A Better Ranking

The web is kind like a giant maze it’s true because nowadays you need an SEO consultant Sydney to help your business succeed online. The following advice will help you out.

Coding is an important element in search engine optimization if you are using SEO.For example, if most of your site relies on JavaScript and is poorly coded, search engine spiders cannot index it.

This will mean you need to repeat keywords as often as possible while not breaking up the flow of the writing. As search engine rankings are built off the presence of keywords, this should improve your search engine rankings.

Ask them about their work history and experience. You also need to be aware of any risks to make an educated hiring decision.

A vital step towards optimizing your search engine results is to include a site map. Spiders use the site map is present. A large site might need more than one site map. A good rule of thumb is to not have lots of links maximum on each site map.

You can take a do-it-yourself approach to learning the information located in this article. There are also a variety of resources out there that you can use. There are lots of websites to help you on your journey as well as some great books to read.

Include keywords on your page’s URL.

Research keywords first so you begin.Learn which particular keywords should be utilized as you to incorporate into your website. Keyword research will allow you to understand what search terms people are searching for in your categories.

The title tag should be one of your site can benefit from significantly. The title tag will be what the visitors notice. It needs to be a good description of your site’s content.

The keywords in your title tags have more weight with search engines than anything else on the page.

To attract traffic, you need content that’s unique and interesting. People who like what they read the first time they visit your site when you have something interesting and unique to offer.

Join the local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau for better search engine ranking. This helps you with local searches as they are generally automatically linked to you automatically.

Using keywords that relate to your products will allow web crawlers to index it with ease. This can all make internet traffic flow to your content. Your focused keyword should be repeated several times in the article’s text, summary and also in the body approximately 5 times, depending on the length of the article.

Use search engine optimization companies that work with SEO to your advantage.These firms can help you get your site so that it is at the top of the results page in a search engine. Many businesses offer reasonable prices and promotions on these services.

Think as a customer when selecting search engine optimization keywords. Determine what string of words your target audience are using when they use search engines.

The first paragraph of every page should have your keyword at least twice. After that, the next 200 words on your page should contain as many instances of your keyword as you can, without it becoming noticeable or redundant.

Use search engines to help you gain more visitors to your website. Making your website search engine spider friendly will produce fantastic results.Spiders can’t read images, so it is critical that you tag each image that appears on your site. Be sure to write a description that are rich in keywords.

Your page ranking relies on your visitors stay on your website for extended periods.

Make sure to configure your server so that it’s case-sensitive for case sensitivity on URLs.

Google Analytics is the tool you must have tool. It can track your traffic and for finding ways to improve your results. You can look at it to do things like find out exactly which keywords are helping to bring traffic by using this tool. You are then able to make changes to your ranking for those keywords.

You should always use keyword phrases for all links coming to your site and also the ones that are already there. This is just one more way to convince search engines that your site content is relevant to your keywords. You should make time to go through your site includes internal links that use keyword links.

If your website is for a business, it is important for the CEO of your company to actively reach out to your audience. People want to hear from important members of the big guy himself.

This is a descriptive Meta tag. All meta tags should be both accurate and enticing.

The footer is usually the best spot to place to put this link. The sitemap makes it easier for search engine crawlers properly index your website.

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How to Become a Matte Painter

Have you ever heard of Dylan Cole? How about Jim Maxwell? Yanick Dusseault anybody? If you’re not currently in the movie industry you most likely have not heard of these gentlemen. But I know you’ve heard of Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Star Wars, Transformers, and The Incredible Hulk. Good! Now we have some context. The concept board frames artist Sydney will be able to cover a range of specialist skills, including character design, props and environment design, key lighting frames and colour boards.

These guys are considered matte painters for mega-blockbuster films. What are matte painters? Well…they are an elite group of people who create background paintings for films to otherwise allow infinite possibilities for film travel. If you’d like your audience to go to another planet, hire a matte painter to paint you a scene. If you’d like to save money and not go to New Zealand to film, again, hire a matte painter and you’re there. From creating an intricate landscape that’s photo realistic to extending a building from 2 stories to 30, matte painters can do it…and with style!

If this idea of becoming a matte painter is of interest to you, let’s get into how one becomes the so-called mateis pantificus (haha jk!). There are some qualifications before you should even consider this profession:

Do you enjoy art? And I don’t mean, do you simply like it. I mean, do you stay up late to draw, sketch, or paint? Do you wake up early and that’s all you think about doing? Do you do it without thinking about the money? If so, read on my friend.

Would you rather be drawing characters, automobile concepts, and weapons? Or do you enjoy drawing landscapes, buildings, explosions? If you prefer the latter, you’re good. If you prefer the former, try becoming a concept artist instead. You will be much better suited. And you’ll enjoy it more too!

Do you possess the tools for digital art? If not, I would suggest starting with a Wacom Intuos4. This piece of equipment will jumpstart your digital ability in no time. And if you’re even more inclined, you could get the Cintiq 21UX and actually draw directly on the screen. If you decide to go this way, you’ll definitely need a tablet.

Another tool you’ll need is the Adobe Creative Suite. This contains: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Acrobat, and Flash Pro. Great deal! But if you solely want to paint, a great program to begin with is Corel Painter. But most matte painters (if not all of them) use Photoshop to do their work.

Okay, so besides the tools and the basic desires to possess, you must also take steps toward your goal to become a matte painter. So listen (I should say read) very carefully. I’ve read countless articles and interviews, watched videos, and even paid for advice from matte painters. So here are the steps to become a matte painter in a short period of time:


Don’t take this step for granted. If you’re not currently drawing or painting right now, you’ll hate it when somebody makes you do it for a living. So paint until your fingers hurt, and then paint for 10 hours more. If somebody can get calluses for playing the guitar, you better be getting calluses for drawing or painting. But if you can’t, then you might not become a matter painter. But if you can, you’ll be the best of the best!


Do this by looking at all of your paintings and finding the absolute best of the them. Remember, quantity is not key, quality is. Take the Pixar example. They are always about quality. It is always better to have 5 great matte paintings than to have 5 great paintings and 5 decent ones. Only put your best works in your portfolio. You’ll also want to show them your ability by putting in a little variety. And what I mean is: one painting showing that you can add to current paintings (i.e. extending buildings, adding gargoyles to castles, making a plain desert look inhabited, etc.), another painting showing that you can create whole worlds from scratch (i.e. planet landscapes, lava-filled scenes, whatever is interesting to you), and definitely show works that display your sense of composition (i.e. different angles, close-ups, distant shots, etc.).

Your portfolio is your future. Treat it as such!


This industry is quite complicated to enter. You’ll want to hire somebody who is already connected with folks in Hollywood. This will give you a huge step ahead of the competition. Dylan Cole speaks of doing this when he first began. It’s how he became one of the matte painters for Lord of the Rings. He hired a representative right away, but the agent didn’t think it was the right fit for him, so his agent suggested somebody else to work with and BOOM!, next thing he knows, he’s on his way to being a very famous matte painter. This step is crucial to entering the Hollywood realm.


After your representative gets you your first job (even if it’s something that you think is cheesy), show yourself a hard worker and a very fast one. If you can produce a dozen quality concepts within 2 weeks time, they won’t ever want to find somebody else. And not only that, but if your work is pure genius (which it better be!), you’ll continually get better and better work. Ten years down the road and you’re the one doing the interviews and teaching others like your current self how to get into the industry. Work hard, persevere, and you’ll excel. But hold back your true abilities and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Please, don’t hold back.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but when you enter this type of industry it’s so difficult to stay humble. When you’ve got tons and tons of people loving you and your work, looking up to you, paying you boo koo bucks, you’ll be tempted to look down on others. Remember this now, DON’T!!! Remember where you came from. Remember that your job and pay isn’t who you are. It’s the character that comes out through struggles and through triumphant victories which show your true colors.

So if you desire to become a matte painter, that’s a great choice of a career. You’ll have a satisfying life filled with hard work accomplished, a good income, and notoriety throughout the ages for the movies you were part of. Now go forward and make those dreams happen. And again, if you’re not painting, go do it now. And then come back and check out some of the most famous matte painters’ sites.