Keep Food Warm in Elegant Chafing Dishes

Completing an obstacle course is very challenging during corporate activities. For any event there will be catering because no matter what the function may be people will get hungry and want to eat. Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or a corporate function there will usually be a lot people. There could be anything from 50 to 300 people that you would have to cater for.

Catering for large groups is quite a job to take on because the preparation of the food will take some time, the food has to be transported to the venue and it needs to be laid out and ready to serve. All of this can be done but the trick will be that you have to figure out how to serve warm food to your guests. With large groups there is a risk that the food may get cold before it is ready to serve; and when it’s cold the guests will complain. This can reflect badly on the caterer so you want to avoid this situation.

To prevent food from getting cold, the easiest solution is to keep it warm in chafing dishes. There is a selection of chafing dishes to choose from so you can place the food in the appropriate chafing dish.

A rectangular chafing dish has an insert that measures 530 x 325 millimetres which is rather big so you could use this one to keep main meals such as curry, stew, and lasagne warm. It can also be used for winter puddings. The rectangular shape gives you a large surface area and deep bowl which is ideal because the heat is spread evenly.

A round chafing dish with a roll top lid looks beautiful with its polished surface and is an elegant way to serve food. This unit is great for vegetables or rice. The lid slides open around the back of the unit which is convenient because you can simply slide it close again after the guest has dished their food. So the food remains covered and warm.

An oval chafing dish is another option which is great for main meal foods or for vegetables. You could also use it to serve warm desserts. It has a three litre capacity which is ideal for large groups. The oval shape is different and will lend a new look to the buffet style catering layout.

If you really want to impress the guests use chafing dishes which have a window in the roll top lid. There is a rectangular and a round option that you could choose from. Picture how elegant a row of rectangular chafing dishes with a window will look at the buffet station of a wedding. The convenience that this catering equipment gives is that guests can view the food through the window before they open the lid. This keeps the heat in the unit so the food remains warm.

Having the right catering equipment at hand can make your life as a caterer more convenient, you can serve the food the way you want to and it can add a touch of style. Prepare your buffet station with elegant polished chafing dishes. This will impress the guests and you could be booked for more catering events. After you have booked get in touch with us.