Catering – a Growth Industry in Busy Times

Now that coronavirus change our lifestyle corporate catering still manage to adjust in their schedules and disinfection systems in delivering their foods. The world of ‘catering’ is now a very far cry from simple sandwiches for office staff, or an occasional Directors lunch.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of catering companies throughout the UK. Some are small businesses providing mobile catering solutions, perhaps for small public events like fetes or open days. Others are multi million pound companies who specialise in catering for the country’s most high profile parties and occasions.

And catering isn’t just about food any more either. In fact plenty of today’s catering companies also provide drink, decoration and even entertainment as part of their product. More party planners than simple caterers, companies like Create or “rhubarb”, also have fingers in the retail pie too – running restaurants and bars as well as event catering arms.

Catering consultants are a fairly new phenomenon. Catering consultants (such as Merrit-Harrison and Turpin Smale) are people or organisations whose sole job is to assist other businesses in their own food and beverage arena. In the upcoming London 2012 Olympics for example there will be a huge demand for good catering consultants. They will be tasked with helping businesses to perfect the art of entertaining their corporate clients for the Olympic period. Many catering consultants are already busy helping hotels and restaurants create, improve or simply enhance their product in the run up to the Games. Let’s face it – it will be one of the busiest event and hospitality times the UK has even seen, so there is a great deal of money to be made getting it right!

As the catering industry has grown and diversified, so too has the scope of catering creativity these companies offer. Event catering, for example, is no longer just about dinner for 200 guests. Now a good catering company may offer you the choice of stalls service (where guests can help themselves to freshly cooked and served food); wok stations – a superbly theatrical way to serve hot fresh food en masse; sushi and sashimi bars; or even roving oyster shuckers. All are new ways of serving fresh, fabulous and of course visually impressive food quickly and efficiently.

The top catering companies employ Creative Managers and Designers whose sole job it is to ensure these ideas are always cutting edge and that the catering product continues to be unusual and effective. After all, as with any industry, it is those companies who evolve and develop their product effectively who do best in their market.

But of course catering doesn’t have to have the ‘wow factor’ either. Just good delicious food is a winning formula in some catering markets. Some companies for example specialise in creating (and delivering to your door) superb yet simple food, sourced and cooked brilliantly and aimed at reducing the time we spend in our kitchens. Classic fish pies and cottage pies perhaps, handmade chicken goujons for the kids, or a simple (cheat’s’ dinner party) cheesecake – all food that perhaps you might pre-order for a weekend away with friends perhaps, just to make a little less work yourself!

After all, that is what catering in all its forms is about – making a little less work for us, be it one less sandwich to make before our working day or one less dinner party to cater for, one less party for 1000 to organize, or one less headache on the corporate hospitality front.

Get Ready For Cocktail Parties With D Italia

A beautiful selection of Moreton Bay Bugs, South Australian Blue Swimmer Crabs, freshly caught and peeled Tiger Prawns which I used to cater Sydney corporate companies. If you want a perfect dress for the cocktail party, beach party, or any evening party, then come to the “d ‘Italia” and get dressed with perfection. For all these parties you will require an evening gown, or a high class dress which suites your body and personality. There are hundreds of Australian women who are Wedding Dresses with the d ‘Italia dresses but you will never get the repetitions here. The dress will be simple, stylish, classy and most important with good fitting.

The cocktail parties happens in the night, for that you have to select the dress very carefully as the right dress also reflects your personality and status. The only thing you have to do is to walk in to the d ‘Italia store and talk to the dressmaker. The dressmaker will advice you about the color, fabric, design which will suit your body shape and color. They do their task with perfection and loyalty.

The store is open for all seven days, which is again a plus point. You can find the Sunday holiday with other stores. All the staff like the sewers, dress makers, seamstresses and the designers, helps their customers to select the best material and design from their high quality fabric stores. The good fabric enhances your personality and also it enhances the dress design. A good party dress is valued by its fabric, design and the perfect fit; and all these things is ensured by the d ‘Italia.

The fabric for the Cocktail Dresses is selected after choosing the design. The dressmakers always ask you about the design first, as after that only they will go for the fabrics which will suits the design. The sewers will tell about which fabric will provide the good design or even much better for the flattering of the dress. They can even add up some ideas of attaching the laces or the beads to the dress. The d ‘Italia has the wide collection of the high class laces and the French beading, which helps to make the dresses more beautiful.

For the dashing looks and high personality, you have to wear the matching accessories with the gown. The accessories also increase the get up of the dress and also reflect the way you are. The d ‘Italia have the suggestion for the accessories for all the occasions. This is the store for all the people for perfection.

Simple Team Building Activities For Work!

Corporate activities should be all about having fun, building great relationships and saying a big fat “thank you” to your team for their hard work. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This saying stands true not only for kids but for adults who spend tedious hours working at the office. While time is a precious commodity at the workplace, a little bit fun can go a long way.

Tirelessly working day in and day out without taking any breaks can often end up making employees frustrated and demotivated. Also, its very hard to be innovative in a sickeningly monotonous routine. So, having a bit of fun and frolic and incorporating some team building activities in the workplace is a big YES! And it can really help to light up the boring and stressful atmosphere at the office.

What are the benefits of having team building activities at your workplace?

1) Increased team engagement

Often times, due to the piling workload or strict rules of conduct, group members fail to interact with each other. This can maximise differences between them and negatively affect their team engagement. Therefore, asking your employees to actively take part in indoor team building activities can prove to be extremely effective for building cohesiveness and nurturing creativity.

2) Enhanced employee satisfaction and loyalty

Another great plus for regularly organising team building activities at work is that they remove barriers and go beyond office hierarchies. Group practices bring the bosses and the workers on the same level as they engage in activities and learn to have fun together regardless of their ranks. Employers also get to know their bosses on a personal level and help build loyal relationships at work. All of which translates into greater productivity and profits.

What are some simple team building activities that you can organise at your work?

Having already established the importance of team building activities at work, its now time to dive into some great and fun options.

1) Self expression through Art

This is by far the most feasible and cost-effective activity that your employees can indulge into. Many times, employees fail to express themselves openly which gives rise to unwanted grudges and misunderstandings. Expressing one’s feelings through writing or drawing can help release stress and clear away all the emotional build up; giving way to increased work focus and improved interpersonal relationships.

2) Workplace Jenga game

Organizational Jenga is another team building activity that goes well with the employees. Label wooden blocks with the title of the office hierarchies and ask teams to build feasible structures while keeping the blocks intact through each replacement. This would help workers realise that each member is equally important to keep the workplace up and running and eliminating any part of the team can make things go out of control.

Other group practices that can double as indoor team building activities include organising mini grand prix or playing a game of hit or miss by using soda cans and paper balls.

And if that’s not enough to cheer up your hard to please employees, then take the office fun a notch up through team building. We at Jambar Team Building strive hard to provide our clients with hours of unlimited fun and guaranteed team engagement. Our team building activities for work are fine tailored to jazz up the strict office environment and give your employees the ultimate chance to explore some epic office time action by shedding their work-related stress. Book a team building activity now and let Jambar sprite up your office with unending bouts of laughter, fun, amusement and innovation.