6 Ways to Break Into Corporate Event Planning

There are many career planning careers in the corporate world. While marketing and event management jobs focus on the most common corporate events (seminars, conferences, trade shows and appraisal events). To keep your employees connected and engaged, you don’t need to spend gobs of money and time, just a simple staff lunches will make them feel good.

If you look at non-traditional career paths, however, make sure your job involves event planning. While some administrative assistants (for example) spend a good percentage of their time managing travel, setting up lunches, and handling logistics, others spend most of their time keeping notes and purchasing orders.

01 – Meeting management

For those who want to work 100% of the time on corporate event affairs, meeting management department is the clear path.

Individuals in the area contract out services and manage housing, food and beverage, transportation, A / V, and other expenses. These jobs are often part of the purchasing department, so cost management causes a lot of decisions. Common job titles include:

  • Meeting Planner
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Meeting Assistant

02 – Office Support

Administrative support staff can manage event responsibilities, schedule and execute department and client meetings, handle travel arrangements and more. They can also work with external hospitality vendors, track external service budgets, and more.

Focusing on strong organizational skills, many event planners start their way here and transfer to other event planning roles. Some administrative jobs are more likely than others to offer planning opportunities, so ask questions before getting such a job in the hope that you will gain experience with event planning.

Common job titles that include this type of job include:

  • Assistant Administrator
  • Executive Assistant
  • Senior Administrative Assistant

03 – Marketing and Sales

If an organization is driven by sales or marketing, the business scope of any company coordinates most events, especially smaller meetings. For marketers, the emphasis is on investing returns on event value instead of cost management.

Most organizations recognize the value of face-to-face activities and this has led to a greater focus on client seminars, conferences, evaluation events and more. Often, people with new job titles are required to plan and / or manage events:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Meeting / Event Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Product specialist

04 – Communications

The multi-corporate communications department is responsible for “brand” management. It focuses on business communications, internal communications, advertising, community relations, media relations, sponsorships and more.

Although event planning is not the primary focus, activities that include events can include creating a presence for media events, trade shows, mobile marketing, sponsorships, employee meetings, and so on.

  • Communications Specialist
  • Advertising Coordinator / Assistant Assistant
  • Public Relations Specialist

05 – Education and Training

The Human Resources Department in many corporations is responsible for planning and executing a range of meetings, programs and educational events. These may include corporate training programs for new employees, field office training, employee development, and annual employee training. Depending on the corporation and the specific type of training, events can include travel, site arrangements, meal planning and more. In many cases, people who create training events have titles such as:

  • Training Assistant
  • Training Specialist
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Training Manager

06 – Corporate Foundation

The corporate foundation is a great resource for jobs at events and probably one of the most neglected areas. A corporate foundation job can be a haven for an event planner.

Positions within the foundation can allow you to represent the business by working closely with nonprofits and community organizations. Events are likely to range from small planning sessions to large-scale celebrations, field events, formal dinners, and even gala. As a result, people who help plan foundation events may need to choose locations, create entertainment, work with suppliers, and manage logistics. Some such positions may include:

  • Foundation Specialist
  • Program Manager
  • Foundation Assistant

Skills you need to become an Event Planner

You do not need a background in event planning to get started, but the qualities of a good event planner may include:

  • organization
  • flexibility
  • creativity
  • Business acumen
  • Budgeting
  • Customer service
  • Multi-tasking and thinking on your feet
  • Communication

How to Get Started as an Event Planner

Starting a career as an event planner can feel rewarding at first. It often feels like there is so much to know and so little time to learn it all. However, with an action plan and taking small steps each week, you will soon have the skills and knowledge you need to succeed as an event planner.

Pay attention to the details of issues, as an event planner, so plan your move in event planning the same way you would plan your next event – with a plan and a strategy.

Here are the steps to get started:

  • Donate your time with a nonprofit or other business such as a hotel, florist, event planner or other event planner.
  • If you are already planning events at another event or design company, move to a position of authority and take on more responsibilities. Showing your value and knowledge is often as simple as asking the event manager for more work or responsibility.
  • Get there and network. Join associations like Meeting Planners International or the International Association of Special Events, for example. The more people you know and the more relationships you develop in the industry, the easier it is to build your event planning career.
  • Create an event portfolio to showcase your expertise and knowledge.
  • In addition to developing relationships with other event planners, network with vendors or external partners, such as suppliers, musicians or media personalities, to increase your exposure and circle of influence.

15 Techniques to Master For Success in Hospitality Management

Undoubtedly, hospitality is a multibillion-dollar international industry offering exciting career opportunities in different areas including restaurants, hotels, resorts, cruise ships and many more. This field is challenging as well as exciting that demands skillful and experienced professionals. Also learn to juggle the demands of the owner, staff, and customers. Here are 15 tips to master for success in hospitality management:

Guest satisfaction

Corporate picnic Sydney maintain guest satisfaction because it proves that your staff lived up to the expectations of the guests. To master the success in hotel management, it is one of the most important techniques that one must follow. Deal with your guests politely.

Promote a positive work environment

Take efforts to cultivate a positive environment because positivity breeds confident, passionate staff and encourages them to take pride in their work. Employees will enjoy working in a positive environment and reflect the positive attitude back to patrons.

Greet guests

Greeting patrons with a smile serves the best. It makes them feel welcomed and happy. You can greet them with lines such as, “Hello sir/ma’am, how you are or how your day was?”

Express gratitude

Always express gratitude to guests by thanking them with a smile. Such a gesture makes them feel appreciated and valued.

Arrange recreational games of children

Children need some recreational games to keep themselves entertained and engaged during their stay at the hotel. So don’t forget to arrange recreational games and activities for them to keep them happy.

Surprise celebration

Surprise your revered guests by celebrating a special occasion such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries of guests.

Remember guests’ preferences

Record the preference of your regular guests as it will help you tailor excellent services such as favorite food items, amenity choices and so on.

Praise your staff

Whenever your staff takes extra effort to serve the customers, praise them sincerely and publicly. Boost their productivity and commend your staff for their excellent work.

Hire good and positive worker

Apart from considering the talent, skills, and qualifications, also take into account the character and behavior of the worker. They should proficient in dealing with emergencies and strengthen your organization’s culture and productivity.

Stay calm under pressure

It is crucial that the managers in the hospitality industry stay calm under pressure. They should overcome the stresses and deliver efficiently whatever being is demanded the smooth operations. And manage your own stress by setting boundaries to avoid letting your work-life encroach on your personal life.

Work to improve business

Just don’t manage the day-to-day operation but also consistently work to improve the business. Try examining procedures and systems. Be proactive in reputation management, offering incentives to customers who write reviews and give feedback on services offered.

Pet service

Offering pet service is one of the best ways to keep patrons contended and happy. They appreciate it when their lovable pets are taken care of during their stay.

Quick problem-solver

One has to be an efficient and quick problem solver if he wants to succeed in the hospitality industry. The manager should respond sensitively to customer’s concerns and questions and make the most effective decisions to address the issues.

Motivate your team

Become a team motivator. Patiently listen to your team and implement their ideas that can help the organization to grow. Never hesitate to jump in and get the work done even when it is well outside the scope of your responsibilities. Setting up such examples motivates your staff to realize that satisfying customers is only the company’s goal.

Develop excellent management skills

A hotel manager must have excellent management skills and need to have an organized and punctual schedule. In addition, you should always be prepared to deal with immediate crises at any moment.

BBQ Catering Is Great in Many Situations

BBQ catering is the right option for many types of events. If you have selected the right catering company, then you can be sure that the food would taste wonderful. Your guests are sure to appreciate this type of food virtually anywhere. But it is still quite inexpensive, and thus convenient for most people. That’s precisely why BBQ has become so popular among those who are looking forward to hosting all types of events. The good news is that, you can now have BBQ catering in Richmond VA as well for almost all your events. Corporate activities should be all about having fun, building great relationships and saying a big fat “thank you” to your team for their hard work.

BBQ Wedding Catering In Richmond VA

BBQ catering is perfect for those who want a budget food solution for the wedding. Often you can go for the budget style, and that’s going to save you even more money, since you’ll not have to hire servers who will be serving the food. Of course, you can always go for the plated dinner too, if you need something that is more elegant and less casual. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure of saving money, as compared to many other food types for the wedding. All you have to do is just make inquiries to find out the cost for each person, and then compare this with some other foods. You are sure to conclude in the end that BBQ is definitely worth it.

BBQ for the Birthday Party

BBQ catering in Richmond VA is the right choice for big birthday parties as well where you must provide food to many people. Your guests of all ages will surely love the BBQ food, whether the party is at your home, or you have rented a hall. BBQ is often considered casual food. So your guests will have fun while they are completely relaxed, and they will get to taste some amazing delicacies too. Most people usually have the BBQ party in summer. But in reality, you can have it throughout the year, particularly if you are doing it indoors.

You can get a good BBQ catering Richmond VA deal without having to feed hundreds of guests. Your catered lunch can include rolls, meatloaf, smoked turkey, whole smoked chicken, brisket, smoked pit beans, BBQ spare ribs with a choice of dry or sauced ribs, pork by the quart or pint, mashed potatoes, smoked macaroni and cheese, cornbread, soft drinks and much more.

BBQ for the Office Party

You can consider a BBQ for the office or workplace party as well. You can be sure that your bosses and coworkers are going to love it because everybody loves barbeques. Everybody is going to complement you for the wonderful catering decision you have made. So if you are thinking of impressing everybody at the office, then do consider this option. You really cannot go wrong with this. It’s likely that they are going to seriously consider you for all parties from then on.

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